Questions and their answers about Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

Common Questions and answers about Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

 Questions and answers of Oklahoma Dog Bite Law

The United States of America has almost a number of more than 75 million dogs. This ratio is increasing day by day as the trend of Americans is boosting towards having dog as a pet. With such a huge number of dogs in US, it is also evident that ratio of dog biting and resulting deaths are also increasing day by day.

Oklahoma Dog bite Law is specially designed to provide the users with sense of protection. There are some frequently asked questions mentioned in this article so that you can remove your misconceptions about this law.

Is there any specific way for managing dangerous dogs under this law?

A special definition has been devised for categorizing the dangerous dogs. Any dog which falls in the category of dangerous should stay within the house or in a special structure outside the home.

What should be my immediate response if a dog bites me?

You can’t trust any animal at any cost. Even a trained dog is at the stake of biting citizen going on around him without provoking. If a dog bites you, go for medical treatment as soon as possible. Also make it sure to contact the animal control agency in your local area. Police of the Oklahoma State can also be contacted for investigating the entire matter.

Is there any “one free bite rule” under Oklahoma Dog Bite Law?

Some of the states forbid owner of dog if it is his first bite, but this is not the case under Oklahoma Dog Bite Law. This law is straightforward that makes the owner of dog liable for every kind of scenario. No previous history of biting or aggression from the dog is checked as it doesn’t matter in Oklahoma.

Does “Beware of Dog” relieve owner from every responsibility?

It is an ethical measure to put such board for general awareness but it doesn’t make the owner free from every responsibility. Under this sign board, all the scenario of case is checked before giving any decision from court.

What breed of dog can attack me?

You can’t trust any breed of dog in any case. Some breeds are considered dangerous while some others are not. Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Chow Chows can be considered as the dangerous one.

Do I need an attorney for managing this case?

You can have detailed information about the law regarding to your case from Attorneys in Tulsa Oklahoma. He is the one that can guide you accordingly in every situation.